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TAL REALTY - Solutions

Welcome to our Real Estate Company.

We are proud to own, develop, manage and lease commercial, residential and mix-use properties.
Our mission is to maintain cutting edge standards in real estate and offer exceptional leasing opportunities in Canada.

TAL REALTY - Solutions

Luxury. Location. Convenience.

Experience our luxurious interior designs, beautiful views and fully furnished apartments. We manage properties
in some of the most desirable and convenient locations. Live in a neighborhood you can see the future of.

TAL REALTY - Solutions

Smart Aquisition & Development

We acquire all types of real estate throughout Canada including residential, commercial and underdeveloped land.
We strive to design and develop properties that will impress our clients for years.

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Real Estate & Development


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10+ years of experience to give you better results.

TAL Realty has more than 10 years of experience in Real Estate.